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Dec 04

Wellness Retreats & Zen-Do’s with Camberry


Camberry is giving you the opportunity to win £100 off your wellbeing retreat and take home a goody bag consisting of:

  • Cotton cosmetic bag/Pencil case
  • Mini handmade soap
  • Mini luxury face serum
  • Homemade lip balm

Excited? Keep reading to find out how to win!

Please note that the prize for this competition is a goody bag as well as £100 off your wellbeing retreat with Camberry. The winner will win the goody bag whether or not they book the wellbeing retreat.


Who is Camberry?


Camberry has partnered up with the Party Houses family to provide guests with healthy wellness retreats, lifestyle coaching, zen-dos, yoga retreats – all interwoven with green living. Enjoy this chance to connect with your inner self in a refreshing environment with guilt-free food. They provide you with top-notch bespoke services as they understand that individuals need different methods to get back to themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you want to tone your body, lose weight, escape from the stresses of modern life or just switch to a happier and healthier lifestyle, Camberry is here to help and guide you. Whatever you choose to consume and do impacts the way you think, feel, and behave, and therefore, it is crucial to have good thoughts and feel good in order to make decisions that are best for you.

So, are you looking forward to hitting the reset button and to write a new chapter in your life with a new and rejuvenated outlook?


Wellbeing retreats


Wellness Retreats with Camberry


How about giving your body an unsurpassable present this year? With constant advancements in technology and the increasing bustle in cities, choosing a relaxing break in the quintessential British countryside is becoming increasingly popular. Day-to-day stresses can drain you both mentally and physically, so give yourself the opportunity to recharge your batteries while disconnecting in nature. At their wellness retreats, Camberry uses a client-centric approach to help you to transform your lifestyle and help you organise your thoughts. Whether you want to opt for lifestyle coaching, a workshop, or yoga, it’s up to you! You are free to choose a Party House of your choice.

All our Party Houses are located in stunning countryside locations with plenty of outdoor and indoor space. Decide with Camberry what you would like during your retreat and leave the rest to them! Everything from food shops and meals to practices will be arranged for you. They will help you create a foundation for your new and healthy fulfilling lifestyle.


Zen-Do’s/Hen parties


Are you looking for a healthy alternative to traditional hen parties? No matter your age or interests, a tailor-made wellness retreat weekend will make sure you have a memorable time without exhausting your body. Furthermore, focusing on yourself is key to a happier life. Having a Zen-Do with Camberry will ensure you return refreshed and ready to face the next chapter in your life. You can pick your favourite yoga, relaxation or fitness activities and combine it with a nourishing menu at your Party House. Alfresco food and drinks can be arranged in the gardens of the houses with breathtaking views of the rolling countryside. During winter months, the spacious reception rooms can be used for practices or events.

Since your hen party is a celebration, there is room for indulgence so why not have a champagne reception with your girls?


Lifestyle Coaching


Whether you want to lose weight or work on making a change in your current way of life, Camberry provides guidance and a sense of direction. You will be assured reduced stress, nutritional support, and many more educational tips.




Learn yoga and mindfulness during your wellness retreat. Explore all aspects and enjoy utmost support, knowledge and private small groups.


Yoga retreats UK


How do I win?

Now that you know about a wellness retreat with our latest activity provider, let’s proceed to the lovely prize they are offering. In order to win, all you have to do is like and follow our Facebook page to stay updated on how to participate and win!

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