Feb 02

Valentine’s Day 2018


The most romantic day 24 hours of the year are just around the corner. Chocolates, roses, wine, a delicious meal, time reserved just for your partner… Valentine’s day sounds incredible, unless you’re single that is. Then you need a whole other strategy. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, we have some wonderful ideas on how to spend this love-filled day.


If you are a couple


Spa Treatment for two

Surprise your partner and treat yourselves with a couples massage, at a fancy spa or a hotel. I am sure that both of you would enjoy a relaxing massage, especially if you get to do it together. After the massage, take advantage of the spa facilities, relax in the sauna or just lay down in the Jacuzzi while having a glass of champagne and exchanging some romantic words with your dearest.


Wine Tasting Tour

Take your partner on a wine tasting tour and experience together the different wines that your region has to offer. Not only will you have a fantastic time looking into each other’s eyes while sipping on your reds and whites but you’re also sure to have plenty of laughs after a couple of glasses.


Valentines ideas


Michelin Star Dinner:

You can never go wrong with a fantastic dinner. Fancy tableware, high-end food, while you enjoy your partners in his or her best outfits looking glamorous. If there’s a time to treat your partner, it’s Valentine’s day. Take a look at the different Valentine’s day menus and book the restaurant that suits you best. And ladies, don’t wait for your men to make the booking, maybe this year you could be the one surprising him.


If you’re single


Singles Party

Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care. It’s time to organise a big singles party, and make your couple friends jealous! Make a semi-open Facebook event and ask your friends to also invite their single friends who can then invite theirs and before you know it you have a fantastic range of people to party with. Choose your favourite Party House and eat, drink, dance, laugh, and you might just get lucky!



Do things your ex hated!

If you’ve recently ended a relationship you’ll love this. Remember those days when you had to adapt to your ex’s wishes and not do something you really wanted? Why not make a list of them and do all of them with your friends on this glorious day!


Go out with your friend!

Invite the friend that always makes you laugh and invite them to spend a day with you taking advantage of all the couple deals around town. Go for a spa treatment, have too much champagne, see a show or a movie, take a hot balloon ride, indulge in a fancy dinner, and finish your night at a fun bar. Being single and ready to mingle has never been more fun!