Jan 05

Some Things To Bring On Your Trip


Thinking of what to bring on your wonderful weekend to one of our Party Houses? Can’t choose what sweater and other t-shirts to bring? Well, these are up to you to decide – but we can help with the rest!

Here we have tried to provide a guide for you to see what you can potentially bring in your suitcase and what we already have at our Party Houses.

Anything  consumable

You can bring all food and drink your hungry stomach desires. You can also bring BBQ coals and matches; personal toiletries etc.  There are supermarkets in the area and great places to eat as well. If you check in one of our other blog posts, we shared our guests’ insights on great restaurants in the Peak District area.

Your sentimental belongings

Depending on how long you would be staying at one of our Party Houses, you can bring some of your sentimental valued items to feel right at home.

If you have a special piece of kitchen equipment (e.g. mixer or heart shaped cake tin!) we also recommend you bring this.  We have very well stocked kitchens with pots, pans, serving dishes etc, but if you need something specific please do bring it just in case we don’t have what you need!


This may sound a bit cliché, but bring yourself and your beautiful smile. Sometimes, us, human beings, get caught up in all of the technology and our busy lifestyles. We need to zoom out and truly appreciate what we have and what you really need. Visiting and staying at one of our Party Houses is the perfect way to truly reconnect with your loved ones and a take a break from your busy lifestyle.

Hope you enjoyed our short blog post about what to bring to our Party Houses, if you can think of any other items that would be helpful to the newcomers, please do share!