These Are the Best UK Cities to Take a Break in This 2023

Christopher | Jan 02 2023

Incredible locations for stag parties in the UK

If you’re looking to get away in 2023, there are many great destinations to explore in the UK for a staycation or party house. From bustling cities like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh to quaint countryside villages, these are our picks for the top city breaks in the UK. 


There’s an abundance of interesting things to explore in Belfast—from taking a Black Taxi Tour to discover the city’s history to climbing the Cavehill in the countryside nearby; there’s something for everyone! 

The Cathedral Quarter is a great place to go for a night out, and so are The John Hewitt, The Duke of York, and The Sunflower are all beloved local pubs. There are also new places to check out, like Hill Street Hatch—a venue for pop-ups—and Roller Boy, a restaurant serving fancy sausage rolls. Lastly, remember to visit Sawers—the legendary deli known for its cheese counter and delicious traybakes.


Bristol has made a big splash with The Wave, an incredible, never before seen artificial surfing lagoon. It produced over 1,000 waves an hour across its 200-metre area and was opened in 2018, igniting the city’s excitement for surfing.

This city and county are also great for foodies, with many unique and interesting restaurants. Root in Wapping Wharf is popular for its creative vegetable dishes. Vegetable Diva on Brandon Quay is a zero-waste café offering delicious beet bourguignon and citrus-and-fennel salad. Bar 44 in Clifton serves Spanish-style cuisine, and Koocha Mezze Bar in Stokes Croft offers Persian-style dishes.


Despite two years of limited activity, Edinburgh has been able to captivate visitors. The Natural Gallery of Modern Art has new works on display, including the iconic lobster telephone by Dali and artwork from Sarah Lucas. 

Additionally, Edinburgh Castle has been transformed into the Castle of Light from November 11th to December 30th. Cold Town House has a winter roof terrace where visitors can find festive cocktails from Edinburgh Gin. These attractions show that the pandemic has not stopped Edinburgh from providing a beautiful and enjoyable experience.


While less modernly urban than Edinburgh, Glasgow has something special to offer before the year ends. After hosting a successful UN climate-change summit in 2021, the city has a positive atmosphere. The Clydeside waterfront is getting a multimillion-pound makeover, led by SWG3’s arts and events complex, that will include a rooftop restaurant, an open-air sculpture garden, and an area devoted to street art and graffiti. There is a focus on food, workspaces, gardens, and opportunities to grow and learn. 

Suppose you want a slightly more conservative approach to enjoying Glasgow. In that case, you or your group can head to Finnieston, a vibrant neighbourhood in Glasgow near the site of the Clydeside development. Kelvingrove Café, a popular spot for brunch, cocktails, and wood-fired pizza, has recently completed a grand renovation. Or, you can look for a cosy Airbnb nearby that can double as a decent party house.


Whether you’re looking for a short getaway or a longer stay, these choices will provide an unforgettable experience. So grab your passport and get ready to explore the wonderful sights these UK cities have to offer.

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