A special touch to your Party House

When planning a celebration, everyone strives to make theirs stand out. A distinctive add on to your special occasion can make your experience at our Party Houses a memorable one.

Ever considered hiring a sweet cart? No matter the event you are celebrating, a sweet cart would be a nice and low-cost option while adding that decorative wow factor to your event space. From birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and corporate events, a sweet cart is a feature that will surely leave your guests pleasantly surprised. The best part about hiring a sweet cart is that they’re always a hit amongst the kids (of all ages)!




You will be amazed by how popular these bonbons and sweets will be among all guests. Get creative with the colour scheme and customise it to match the surroundings at your event. Whether you want to add standard cola bottles or sour strawberries, it’s up to you! Choose sweets according to your taste and fill up the cart. A colourful sweet cart will get all the guest’s attention and leave them chatting about it even after the celebration.




Only at an extra cost of £100, you can have the sweet cart delivered to a spot decided by you. Please note that this £100 only includes the cart and not the sweets and the containers. We’ll be happy to offer containers and scoops for hire.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 01273 271 332

Sweet Cart


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