Regenerate Your Body with some Fresh Healthy Habits

Christopher | Jan 12 2018

Christmas holidays are the best! From the constant supply of delicious meals to spending quality time with your loved ones, we’ll always welcome the holidays with open arms. As lovely as they are, they do however leave our bodies a bit overwhelmed. So why not counter all the tasty cookies, glasses of wine and champagne, and afternoons spent on the couch with a good post-holiday detox plan. Clean and regenerate your body by challenging yourself to a week (or more) of healthy habits.


1. Start your day right

Starting your day on the right note will set a pace for the rest of your day. So make sure to wake up early, which includes no snoozing nor checking your social media/emails. Give yourself time to eat a big breakfast while enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea. Second, do a few morning exercises to wake you up and start your body followed by a nice shower. As your morning is determined by your night before, make sure to have your clothes laid out already and your bags packed and ready to go. This will enable you to have an easy and worry-free morning, meaning you’ll be able to come to work with a fresh and clear mind that’s ready to take on new challenges.


2. Clear body, clear mind

Stay hydrated by drinking warm lemon water. This has a really positive effect on the body as it alkalizes it, boosts your metabolism, and helps with cravings. You could double down on this by also drinking some warm green or fennel tea before or after your meals to keep your digestive system strong. Furthermore, make sure to stock your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as some nice dairy products like yoghurt and cottage cheese so you won’t be challenged to grab that bar of chocolate or bag of crisps. Finally, try out some new healthy recipes and treat yourself to new and refreshing tastes.


3. Move throughout the day

Nowadays most of our jobs demand a lot of sitting behind the computer, so make sure to sit in the correct position with both feet on the ground. A part of any body regeneration is movement. Therefore, make sure to get up and move every hour or two, even if just for a couple of minutes to relax your eyes and your body. When you see the sun coming out, behind the clouds consider taking a walk around the building and get some mid-day vitamin D and nice fresh air.


4. Have calm evenings

After a month of parties here and dinners there, take some time in January for yourself. Come home at a time that still enables you to get ready for the next day and get enough of sleep. You want to aim between 7 and 8 hours of sleep daily to really help your body regenerate. Another good tip is to try some relaxing techniques like reading a good book, writing about what has happened and what you’d like to achieve the next day, taking a nice long bath while listening to some piano music etc.


5. Treat yourself and your loved ones

You can always find something that needs to be done when you’re at home. So consider taking a weekend off and going somewhere new and refreshing with your loved ones. The UK really has many stunning places to offer so there’s no need to travel far. If you want some suggestions on where to go, you can take a look here. Regenerate your mind and body by going on long walks, exploring new places and spending quality moments with people that mean the most to you.