Why it’s time to reconnect with nature

Christopher | Feb 20 2019

Get back in touch with Mother Earth

Our bodies are composed of the same minerals and nutrients that the earth is composed of so, it’s only natural we make time to reconnect with the great outdoors and appreciate the environment around us. In today’s world, it is easy for us to get caught up in our daily routine surrounded by concrete pavements and the newest shiny technological advancement. Only when you take the time to step out of the city and take in a breath of fresh air, do you realise you need to ‘get in touch with nature’ (and less with a touchscreen). Let this be a little reminder for you to take the time to reconnect with mother earth and spend some time appreciating nature.



The proof is in the puddle:

Countless studies have been made that show the incredible mental and physical health benefits from getting your daily dose of nature. Everything from reducing stress, improving memory skills, boosting energy, enhancing creativity, even reducing the risk of diabetes can be the result of surrounding yourself with trees, lakes, and mountains.

Ever notice how that one friend who just loves to hike is always bouncing with energy and creativity? There’s science behind that state of mind and much of it has to do with feeling grounded with the great outdoors. One study has even developed the theory ‘grounding’ which claims that direct skin contact with the earth can build up a positive charge in the body, an electric-like buzz. While the debate continues around this theory, we are sure the feeling of sand between your toes or grass tickling the soles of your feet will definitely create a tingling sensation.


peak district


Getting Started:

Unsure of where to start your journey to reconnect? Look up. Look down. Look around. While observing the environment around you, ask yourself critical questions that help you appreciate the depth of the planet. Ever think about the elements that compose a cloud? When you look at the sunset how many colours do you see? How do the mountains get so high? When you create a train of thoughts you discover more about the earth than you ever imagined.

If you are limited to time or distance, there are always ways to feel close to nature. If you can’t get out into nature, bring it inside. Buy a new plant (our favourite are cacti and succulents due to their low maintenance care) and let it fill your room with new oxygen and life. Make your new household member a daily project. Give it the same love as you would yourself. Besides, the new cactus is made up of the same elements you are.

Believe it or not, sometimes Netflix is the answer. If you don’t quite feel inspired to get up and go out, try turning to the big screen. Watch one of the many Netflix documentaries on nature and natural phenomenons to get you motivated to experience the real deal. BBC’s Blue Planet and Planet Earth are an obvious choice and are sure to fill you with excitement. It’s hard not to shed a tear when you watch a crystal blue Hawaiian wave curling in the sunset with David Attenborough poetically describing the immense power of the ocean. *Goosebumps*


Ok, I’m inspired. Now what?:

Great! Now that you are ready to reconnect with mother earth, here are a few ideas to spark your connection. Enjoying your time outdoors is even better with friends and family. Why not plan a weekend holiday and escape city life together? The possibilities are endless, especially if time nor distance is limited. Keep an eye out for budget flights to new places and explore the landscape of foreign places like the Mediterranean, Scandinavia or the Balkans.

While a flight to Spain or an African safari might be a bit far, you can still experience new and exciting sceneries right in your backyard. Recently, the winner was announced of a UK national park photography contest. The entries are truly spectacular and there are quite a few surprises on the list. We were inspired by the colourful landscapes the UK has to offer. Take a drive to your nearest national park and discover the incredible nature within your homeland.




If you are still in need of a nature escape, Party Houses has plenty of beautiful houses nestled within some incredible natural landscapes. Many of our houses have breathtaking views and are the perfect outlet for getting in one with nature again. Whether you are hosting a wellness retreat, letting the kids enjoy the great outdoors, or simply planning time to spend with friends and family, check out some of our stunning venues. For a seaside weekend, explore Tenby Manor or Meadfoot Bay. For those who want to spend more time strolling in the Garden, explore Bradwell Country House or maybe Victorian Rectory.


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Happy exploring!


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