Feb 02

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it is time to start figuring out how to make your partner feel like the centre of the universe. There are many ways that you could tackle this.

While clique teddies fill the shelves of every supermarket in town, we’ve decided to turn our attention to some different ideas that take a more personal approach. Using our Valentine’s Day ideas below, you could create a beautifully romantic evening, truly demonstrating your love in an authentic and personal manner.

1. Show off your cooking skills

There’s nothing more special than enjoying a delicious, home-cooked meal with your partner. You could treat your love to their favourite dish, or dazzle them with something unexpected by stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to make something new. Cooking for your partner is a lovely way to express your love and how much effort you are willing to make in the relationship. Even a failed attempt at cooking could be counted as something special and result in a cherished memory.

2. Create a mixtape

This may sound a little old school, but it is a great way to set the mood and demonstrate how well you know your lover. Music is a very personal experience, and creating a selection of tunes for someone close to you gives you an opportunity both to share something close to you, and to show your partner that you pay attention to their tastes and preferences. If you and your partner have a special song that you listen to together, add that in too! No matter how long you have been dating, this can be a cute present to give to your loved one.

3. Write a Love letter

Sometimes it’s hard to completely share our thoughts and emotions, but expressing them in writing is a great way to say everything you struggle to find the words for in conversation. Writing about the way you felt when you first met, or the way that the person makes you feel each day. A letter is wonderful as it is something your partner can keep with them and read over and over again, even in moments of uncertainty.


These three Valentine’s Day ideas work particularly well in combination. With a homemade meal, your mixtape playing in the background, and a collection of loving-affirming words on a page, what more could you need?