Party Food & Drink Ideas

Party Food and Drink can make a huge difference to the style and success of your event.
There are a number of considerations:-

  • How formal do you want to be?
  • How much budget do you have?
  • How well do your guest know each other and how good are they at mixing (sit down meals
  • are better for guests who are shy)?
  • How much time do you want to spend cooking/preparing yourself?

For details on suppliers please check out our Food Glorious Food page


Invite in Chef David Wakefield and waitresses to present and serve a five course (or more!)
dinner with menus so your guests can chose what they eat on the night (the waitresses
even wash up afterwards).

You can dress the tables to look fantastic and match your party theme.


Roaches Hall Dining Room Venue Dressed by Shirley Southerland

To ring the changes, why not ask guests to rotate between courses so they get to meet lots of people?

Less Formal

Still have a fully seated dinner, but cater for yourselves.

Or, to make your life easier, either ask Chef to prepare and deliver for you large palates of
lasagne and salad, so all you have to do is heat and serve or prepare big one pot dishes
yourself in advance.

Have a table of buffet food for guests to serve themselves but still have seated places at the dining table.

Stand Up Eating

For casual dining the classic buffet is always popular (and you can ask guests to each bring a contribution).

Buffet in Toft HallBuffet in Toft Hall


Alternatively all Party Houses have private gardens with outdoor seating and BBQs (you do
need to bring your own BBQ coals and matches) – this is often a good way to get the boys to cook! If you prefer, Chef can also cook on your BBQ for you.

BBQ at Toft HallBBQ at Toft Hall


Finally, if the size of your Party is large enough – why not consider a Hog Roast?

 Why does no one use the lovely wooden seats? Outdoor eating at its casual best!Why does no one use the lovely wooden seats? Outdoor eating at its casual best!


In the excitement of the main event it is easy to forget breakfasts! As your guests will often
be rising at different hours, it may be easier to buy in quantities of juice, coffee (there are
cafetiers at all Party Houses), bread (large toasters are also provided), croissants, etc and let everyone help themselves.

Many of our guests invite in a Chef late on a Sunday morning to cater a brunch or classic English breakfast.