Halloween party ideas
Oct 26

Organise a Unique Halloween Party


October’s most exciting holiday is definitely Halloween. And don’t we all just love a good theme party? Once you know where you want to organise the scariest event of the year (if you need some inspiration take a look here), the only thing left is to prepare props for the party! Be it a family celebration with people of all ages or a get-together with your friends, here are some great tips on how to organize an unforgettable Halloween party!


Tip 1

It is always fun to stop by a party shop to get inspired, however, holding back from buying everything cool you see is often hard to do! All good parties have a theme, so this year don’t just go with a simple pumpkin and skeleton, but rather surprise your guests with something unexpected. Let us give you a tip, how about Mexican “Dia de Los Muertos” or Hotel California?


Haloween deco ideas


Tip 2

Send out invitations early! Your guests would need to have time to go shopping and prepare their costumes. You can either make your very own creative invitations or hire an online or offline professional to make your invitation truly special.


Tip 3

Time to eat: keep your meals and snacks fun! There are many websites with Halloween recipe ideas, to keep your guests wondering if they are brave enough to taste it. You can start with adding some grape juice for children or wine for adults in test tubes holders, which will look like you’re offering straight up blood to your guests. Try to mark the tubes correctly “Adult’s blood” and “Children’s blood”, so that everyone knows which blood has an extra kick to it.


Halloween ideas for parties


Tip 4

Spice your party up with some interesting competitions! Start off by inviting your guests to compete for the scariest or most innovative costume. But don’t stop there! How about a competition in pumpkin carving or the best scare? Also, consider organizing games! Small tournaments, board games, and competitions are always a fun way to entertain your entire party. Make sure to have some fun prizes prepared.


Haloween biscuit recipe


Tip 5

Finally, don’t forget goodie bags! Don’t we all love small little gifts to take home from a party? Put together something special to say thanks to each guest who came to celebrate this fun night. Some bloody gummy fingers will do just fine!