As you would expect, there is an abundance of nature in the Peak District National Park.

We are pleased to do our bit too.  We have Barn Owl boxes up at Toft, Merrymeet and Hamps.  It is such a joy to see the babies in the spring.  They make a really strange noise as they chatter away to each other!  However, please don’t get too close so that they are able to enjoy their early years before flying off to start their adult lives.

We have many other nesting boxes up – for birds and bats!

On the rocks above the driveway up to Roaches Hall, for several years now, there have been Peregrine Falcons nesting.  These are protected and carefully monitored by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.  Do enjoy watching the parents soaring to catch food for their young.

If you would like to see more birds and wildlife have a look at Natural History in the Peak District for ideas on walks and nature sights and Peak Wildlife Park and Falconry for an unusual day out!.  Alternatively, discover The Peak District’s National Nature Reserves,  Bird and Wildlife Reserves in the area and Derbyshire sites of Special Scientific Interest.

We also have lots of hares – especially at Toft.  You may very well see them lolloping around!  We ensure that we don’t cut any of the grass in our fields until after mid summer so any young birds and mammals can have a great start to life.

But also look out for the plants and other features.  There are many wild orchids and other interesting flowers.  On the higher ground there is an abundance of peat, not forgetting the wonderful rocks.

To see what you might spot during your visit view our Party Houses Peak District Wildlife Diary.

And finally, click here to find more information on the Peak District National Park generally!