Apr 01

Measuring the Effectiveness of Face to Face meetings


There was a time when team away days, training sessions and departmental get togethers were considered really important.  However, no one could really prove why!


Now research has proven the direct correlation between face to face meetings and the improvement of bottom line profits.  So how do you make the case in your own organization?


It is important to begin with realistic objectives.  After all, if you don’t know what to achieve, it’s not easy to measure if you’ve achieved it.  Often the only reason for getting people together is to ensure they work better and more effectively afterwards.  In larger organisations goals can be set, measured and compared with those attending by the performance of those that didn’t.   Their performance can also be measured over a year or longer and directly tracked back to events.  However, this tracking is unlikely to be practical in many organisations.


So concentrate on goals that are measureable in easy steps.  Firstly, generate information from event feedback.  Forgot those questions that ask delegates if they liked the food or accommodation.  Ask instead for their feedback on their personal outcomes.  For example; Do you understand our product range better? Do you feel you can better approach your colleagues with improvement ideas? What are the three changes you will make to your working life having attended this event?


If the event was comprised of different elements – ask for feedback of which sections worked best and why – the breakout session, the keynote, etc.


Follow this up six weeks later to see if they have continued to benefit from getting together.  At this point ask for specific examples of what they have done differently and what achievements they can attribute to the event programme.


Finally, cumulatively track the stated objectives. A % rise in sales, a % reduction in staff turnover, the number of new business contacts generated, etc.

Match these learning’s when planning your next event and your budget and return on investment calculations will be easily justifiable!