Mar 10

When did you last try something new?


Research shows that those who keep active (and mentally active) are much more likely to lead happier lives (plus apparently have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and all sorts of horrible other stuff) – and I’m all for that!

So isn’t it about time that we all tried out a new experience to keep us alert?  Even better, get a group of friends to share it with you and have a lot of extra fun along the way.

In the Peak District near Party Houses, we are fortunate to have many such opportunities on our doorstep.  Here are a few ideas…..

If you want a real thrill, but without too much physical exertion, get yourself up in the air with a helicopter flight following the Dambuster’s training routes over Ladybower.  Or, if you prefer more physical participation, why not have a go at hang gliding or rock climbing?  For those who prefer to have their feet closer to the ground – have you ridden a bike through the tunnels of the Monsal Valley, ridden a horse, or tried out a Segway?

Of course, not everything has to be about adventure! Learning a new skill is very rewarding too and something you can take with you to develop further.  One of my favourite skills is the art of chocolate making – a passion that first began on a one-day course (and it makes you very, very popular with your mates!).  Maybe you’ve always wanted to spend a day in a brewery or learn how to dry stone walls, play Roulette, or make some balloon animals to impress the children in your life.

My advice is – go for it!  There are lots and lots of ideas on  So combine a great weekend away with friends or family, with memory-making experiences.  And when you go back to work the following week, just think how satisfying your answer will be to ‘What did you do at the weekend?’