Catering at your party house
Jun 08

Get Active With Friends and Family


Get Active with Your Friends

The summer is such a busy time of year for sport; Wimbledon, athletics championships, Test Matches; to name but a few featuring on our television screens.

Whilst we can’t all be top sporting stars, there is nothing stopping us going for a good walk or kicking a ball around a field with our mates or another generation of our family. Even better, why not have a go at something you’ve never done before? Getting active with friends and family joining in together is so much more fun than single sessions at the gym. So we’ve put together a few of our favourite ideas to get off the sofa and have a lot of fun. If you are planning a trip to Party Houses details of local providers are in brackets.


Get on the Water


On a hot sunny day, what could be more fun than a group of you hiring out some boats? Rowing boats are great fun or for the slightly more adventurous try canoeing, kayaking or hire a Katakanu (for up to 6 people). Or even learn how to build a raft, make one yourself and then get out on the water on it? Best take some dry clothes and towel though! (Peak Pursuits at Tittesworth Water 01782 722226).


Get Precision Competitive


If you’ve never tried a competitive shooting competition, maybe now is the time? Archery is a really old sport, obviously based upon war craft skills. Who doesn’t remember learning about the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, where the British were outnumbered ten to one by the French, yet they won by shooting 1,000 arrows per second? It’s a great sport, which can be enjoyed by even the young and less strong. (Archery Events 0800 358 1310). For a contemporary take on Archery you have to try Laport Sky Bow. Like in the Hunger Games film, you try to bring down flying moving targets! (Madrenaline 07899 684 535).


Or, if you prefer, try clay pigeon shooting. Ok, you’ll need to wear ear defenders for this one, but if you do manage to hit the target and your mates don’t, it’s a great feeling! (Cloudside Shooting 01260 226 392).


Get Climbing


Now, I’m scared of heights, so I can’t pretend that the idea of climbing is anything but terrifying for me, but bouldering or scrambling over low lying rocks up at The Roaches in the Peak District is great fun (and even quite little kids seems to love it).


If you do fancy more of an adrenaline rush, do try climbing or abseiling, but don’t do this without some qualified instruction and safety gear. Real rocks (I am told) are the most challenging and fun, but climbing walls provide great experiences too. (Mountain Monkeys can arrange taster courses on rock faces or possibly bring a mobile climbing wall to your Party Houses 07799 286836).


Get a Thrill


Try out a Segway Safari off road obstacle course. Again, this can be enjoyed by most ages and groups and can be sedate or challenging.


If you have ever watched clothes going around in a washing machine drum, you’ll have some idea of the concept of Aqua Sphering. You and a mate or two are strapped into a giant inflatable sphere with 50 litres of water and rolled down a hill at up to 30 miles an hour. There is a dry version of this without the water too. It’s hard to put into words how this feels – you’ve just got to try it! (Madrenaline 07899 684 535)


So why not turn off the sport on the telly; get some friends together and go and play?