Apr 09

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Viewing Party Venues


Season 8 is coming…  And we can’t believe it’s finally here.



At Party Houses, we’re getting ready as quickly as we can. Rewatching episodes, reviewing plot scenes, trying to connect all of our favorite characters (both dead and alive) and of course, completely immersing ourselves into the realm of Westeros & Essos.  In the midst of this obsession, we wondered “What would Game of Thrones look like as Party Houses venues?” So we got thinking, and here are our top picks for the best venues for the best GOT viewing party.


Start off in a Castle 

No castle is complete without a king and queen. Live out your dreams and spend a night in High Castle.

Get a royal rest while admiring this incredible wooden bedroom. We can’t help but think this is what the Lannisters rooms look like.

And plot your next move at your desk overlooking your kingdom in true Game of Thrones Fashion…

Take your horses and knights and head out to….


Have a Drink at the Village Tavern 

Drink and sing in the local tavern with your fellow men at Hollow Meadows Hall or Hunters Lodge. While not as grungy nor nearly as dangerous as the Inn at the Crossroads, these unique bars give you that burly forest feeling while sipping on a glass of whiskey.

Finish your drink and head out to the fields to…



Gander and brood over your Kingdom, in this case, the Peak District. This view from Roaches Hall highly resembles the lands of Winterfell and the North. Do you see an enemy siege approaching?

Before heading out to battle, why not…

Dine in the suns of Dorne

Enough of the cold, let’s head way down south. Bask in the southern suns and enjoy the relaxing views of Villa Aroyyo. Located in Andalusia, this lovely villa gives the essence of the Sands. Fun fact: the city of Dorne in Game of Thrones was actually filmed in Andalusia! In the Alcazar of Sevilla, you’ll find familiar looking gardens, castle balconies and fountains.

For a similar feeling, but not quite as far, take a look at this dining hall at Victorian Rectory. Set up a feast and get ready to…


Sit and behold this EPIC series finale. 

A series finale of this magnitude deserves nothing but the best viewing experiences.

Set up your own Game of Thrones viewing party at an incredible home cinema like Oaktree Hideaway (above) or Northgate Manor (below). Imagine how amazing it will be to hear that GOT theme song through these surround sound speakers? The battle scenes, monologues and plot twists will be even juicer in crystal clear HD screens.

For those who need to cozy up a little (for the scary white walker scenes) why not cuddle up in the Toft Barn TV room (above) or this sleek Dragonstone-like den in Northgate Manor (below)?

No matter where you’re watching, we hope his season is epic.

Who do you think will take the Iron throne?? (Our bets are on the dragons ???)

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