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Oct 29

Free Board Games for the Whole Family


Prepare some hot chocolate, tear open a bag of crisps, snuggle up in front of the fireplace, and pick a fun board game. If this sounds like fun, you’re going to love our next giveaway. We’ve collaborated with Goliath Games this month to give you an opportunity to win £100 worth lovely selection of board games from one of UK’s most inspiring toy and game brand. Board games are a fantastic way to spend enjoyable, unhurried time with your loved ones while developing necessary learning skills. Established in 1980, Goliath Games is one of the few remaining family-run business and game manufacturers, distributing games not only in the UK but also internationally. They aim to combine fun and wittiness to enhance socio-cognitive development while enjoying moments with the ones you love.

No matter your age or interests, these board games options are bound to be fun for everyone in your group. Playing games with the people you love is not only a means of entertainment but also keeps your mind active and healthy. Whether you’re on a family holiday or looking for a way to spend an evening off with your family, board games will make you laugh, communicate, and work your brain.


How do I benefit?


After accomplishing step 1 – matching and adjusting schedules to bring the entire group together in one of our Party Houses, bring them all into the same room to interact through competitive and cooperative gameplay. Laugh loads, spend quality time, bond with each other, and increase attention spans. Develop your memory and cognitive skills through goal setting and problem-solving. Increased endorphins will also help blood pressure patients. Board games also do a subtle job of alleviating anxiety and developing social skills while increasing confidence.


What games do I win?



play games

This game can be played in teams or individually, and is strategic and addictive. You might have to rely on luck a tad for this perfect family game. It involves a board printed with cards from 2 standard decks of 52 excluding the “Jack”. In order to win, you have to connect series of 5 same-coloured chips up, down, across or diagonally on the board. Normal cards will let you put a single chip, and having a Jack will give you advantages. How will you outsmart your opponent?



Board Games

How well do you know your group? I guess you will be able to find out through this game. Get to know each other on a deeper level as this game involves picking a card with written descriptions and votes. Everyone has to vote to see who fits the given descriptions the most and the person with the best guesswork wins! Easy, right?



family games

This game is completely based on brand recognition and the person most familiar with slogans, missions, and logos is likely to win.



Board games

This play-at-home mini-golf game is ideal for when the weather is not being too kind and you want to entertain the little ones without going completely insane.

How do I win?

In order to win, all you have to do is like and follow our Facebook page to stay updated on how to participate and win!

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