Family Getaway with the Kids at Party Houses

Christopher | Nov 14 2018

According to research, two-thirds of conversations between parents and their children are related to their daily routines. Every family has a day-to-day routine that they follow, and find it difficult to make time for activities that enable them to bond, laugh, and have fun with their loved ones. Furthermore, these daily tasks and errands come with their share of stress. So take off some time to alleviate stress and have a heart-warming family getaway with the kids. Not only will you get your kids excited about going somewhere new but it will also give you the opportunity to relax and unwind. Being away from your monotonous chores will free your mind, release your creativity, and free up your time to indulge in recreational activities with your family.

Family getaways have a number of benefits!

Right from the moment the holiday is being planned and all throughout your get-away, the whole family will be overjoyed and excited about your stay. Your Party House will enable you to create memories you’ll be able to relive together for years to come. Moreover, you can spice things up with some fun family activities!


Being away from home, in a wonderful house frees you of all the things you usually have to do, and gives you a sense of peace. This gives you time to play games with your kids, crack jokes, and spend quality time with each other.

Families try to make the most of the time that they have together by putting away our digital distractions. This gives you the chance to appreciate your family and create an unbreakable bond. Additionally, you will have photos and precious memories you will cherish for a lifetime.


How do I choose a family-friendly venue?


In today’s fast-paced life, a family getaway in the UK countryside is enticing for that relaxing break your heart desires. Being away from the dense population, loud noises, and the bustle of the city gives you a chance to rejuvenate.


Family friendly houses

Our Party Houses are nestled in mesmerising locations of the UK countryside and offer you a great deal of privacy. Most of our family-friendly venues come with large social spaces, cosy bedrooms, open fireplaces, cinema rooms, hot tubs, spas, BBQs,  activities like tennis, croquet, swimming pools, gyms, and games rooms. Start a board games tournament in the spacious living rooms or take a dip in the pools. Snuggle up with hot cocoa in front of the open fireplaces while cracking jokes and having a good laugh. Moreover, you can expect fully-equipped kitchens where you are free to prepare your signature dishes. Most of our venues offer plenty of outdoor parklands making it perfect for outdoor games. Many of our Party Houses are pet-friendly, so you do not have to leave your canine best friends at home!


Family activities to make your family getaway stand out


While we assure you that our Party Houses have an abundance of facilities and amenities that will keep you entertained all throughout, you can do something different to make your holiday unique, to learn something new or ignite the adventurous side in you.

While you are away on your family holiday, the kids in the group can indulge in bodyzorb football. This is one of the family activities that is super enjoyable and is perfect for both sporty and non-sporty kids. The whole group will be subject to a lot of laughter, while the kids develop team building skills. Bodyzorb football is also a safer bet than normal football.

If you are looking for family activities that will bring forth plenty of laughs and cheerful memories, zorbing is a great choice! It also gives the opportunity to bond with your loved ones.

For those seeking adventure, indoor climbing and rock climbing are perfect family activities.

Children who are fascinated by nature and its unique beings will enjoy a fishing session with their daddy!

How about magicians? Children absolutely love magic tricks and this activity could possibly be the highlight of your holiday for them. Puppet shows are another option and are greatly adored by kids. These activities give children a world of wonder and keep them excited. Additionally, it allows you as a parent to enter their world of wonder and establish stronger relationships with them.

Now that you know how to make your family getaway stand out, it’s time to choose your favourite Party House and have an unforgettable getaway to spend blissful moments with your family.

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