Mar 09

Have you ever seen a Double Sunset?


Who’d have thought we’d have a winter like this? Fortunately we haven’t had it anything like as bad as many unfortunate folk in the South – our hearts go out to them. Now, fingers crossed, the worst seems to be behind us, we can look forward to summer (did I hear correctly that it is forecast to be hot, hot, hot?).

June is one of my favourite months; the longest days, still the whole of the summer to look forward to, and the famous ‘Double Sunset’ to view.

The Double Sunset is quite a local phenomena.  Around Midsummer’s Day the sun sets behind Bosley Cloud (a local hill on the Western edge of the Peak District), but due to a quirk of geography it reappears only to set again for a second time, over the Cheshire Plain.  Toft Hall, Toft Barn and Chels Barn have the same amazing views – on a clear day you can see all the way to Wales. Couple that with trees in fresh leaf, the hares gambling in the fields and hopefully baby Barn Owls in the nest boxes – I can’t wait!