Event Planning with Sandeman Events

Christopher | Aug 08 2019

To know how to win your bottle of Magnum rose, keep scrolling!

Event planning can be challenging and time-consuming.  If you are organising a wedding, corporate event, private party or any other event, your aim will be to create an unforgettable, extraordinary experience for yourselves and your guests.  However, in the midst of our busy lives, it is not easy to find the time to plan an entire event.  Luckily we have a solution.  Sandeman Events are a bespoke party planning company who specialise in working hard to create dynamic, events and visionary weddings.


Why Sandeman Events?


Sandeman Events have a wealth of experience, they specialise in blending their skills with your vision in order to create compelling design concepts that flow effortlessly.  By using an event planning provider, you will end up saving costs, they will be in charge of booking trusted suppliers who are best suited towards your vision and budget.

Sandeman Events treat every party they organise with the same importance, from small intimate parties to impressive large-scale birthday parties or weddings.  Whether you are looking for inspiration, or if you already have a clear vision of the event you want to create, they will work alongside you to deliver your concept, tailored specifically to your budget and needs.


What they do

Sandeman Events believe that the key to a great party is originality and go above and beyond to deliver extraordinary events with a personal touch.  They work closely with innovative caterers and an abundance of outstanding entertainment options. Depending on your taste and budget, all event planning is done so after a consultation.

All consultations are free and each event is customised on you and your needs. Their services include:

  • Helping you choose your venues at Party Houses
  • Providing marquees
  • Bar services
  • Decorations
  • Light, stages, sounds (dramatic effects)
  • Entertainment – DJs, musicians, artists, performers, magicians


In August 2019, Party Houses partnered up with Sandeman Events to provide you, our guests the opportunity to win a delicious bottle of rose. We’ll be running the giveaway for the whole month so make sure to put your name down! To participate simply go on our Facebook page and follow the instructions.