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Mar 06

Train like You’re Competing in the Hunger Games


Remember the Hunger Games? Here’s your opportunity to win a Laporte Sky Bow event with Madrenaline Activities and perfect your archery skills.

Madrenaline Activities is a well-known activity centre located in the Peak District, within an easy access from Manchester, Liverpool, and Staffordshire. With over 10 years of experience, this popular activity centre offers a range of adventurous activities, ideal for anyone who enjoys the feeling of letting go and trying something new. Get some fresh air and your heart pumping by trying something new all while spending a great time with your friends, family or coworkers.

Here, you’ll be able to try out UK’s first off-road obstacle course Segway Safari, have fun Aqua Sphering or test your skills at Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting. If you’re more of a competitive nature, try Body Zorb Football, ideal for a fun-filled day with your group.


sky bow competition


Test your skills at Laporte Sky Bow

Laporte Sky Bow is a brand new activity offered by the Madrenaline Activity Centre. A mix between clay pigeon shooting and archery, this is sure to be a fun experience whether you’re a group friends or looking for a fun corporate activity idea.

Madrenaline’s expert instructors will introduce you to a new concept in archery which involves a moving target. Train like Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games and use your Sky Bow and Arrow to take down your floating targets. Take a few tries to train your eyeand coordination and then make the activity even more fun by setting up a tournament. Think of a fun prize and get your group excited for a new challenge.

As the targets are made of foam while arrows and bows differ in weight and size, this activity can easily be adapted to different group ages, making it a fun family activity as well.



Enter the competition

Do you have a stag party or a hen party coming up? Or maybe you’re looking for a out-of-the-box corporate activity idea? Do you happen to be staying at one of our Peak District’s Party Houses (no worries if you’re not)? Then make sure to enter your name and email below and compete for a change to try this brand new activity only offered at Madrenaline Activities. Enjoy a day learning Laporte Sky Bow, challenging yourself and your teammates.


Compete to win a £100 voucher for your Sky Bow Event


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