Christmas Present Ideas for your Loved Ones

Christopher | Nov 05 2018

It’s that time of the year again! You go from shop to shop, confused, looking for the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. But what should you get them this year? Unless you’ve been given a hint as to what your loved ones want, finding a present that will make them jump with excitement can be challenging. Moreover, a Christmas present has more value when the person has no idea what they’re going to receive. To see their surprised and overjoyed faces while they tear open that wrapping paper gives us all loads of happiness. Everyone wants their present to be the most special and something the recipient will always remember. When it comes to kids, it’s quite easy because they make it a point to let you know what they desire. But with adults, how do you decide with no clues given whatsoever?

Not to worry! We have compiled a list of top 10 Christmas presents, both handmade and purchased, that can’t go wrong. These all-time favourites are always likely to put a smile on people’s faces and sure are a treat to the eyes. You are sure to already have some idea as to what your loved ones are fond of, but even if you don’t, these presents have you covered.


1. A Nice Fragrance

How can you go wrong with a perfume that smells delightful? Perfumes are available from the price range £12-£100 and depending on your budget, you can find something perfect for anyone. Whether male or female, you will have plenty of options. Furthermore, a perfume is something everyone can use on a daily basis. Whether you are gifting this to your mother, sister, husband, or cousin, they are sure to appreciate it.


2. Speakers or Headphones

If you’ve noticed that one of your loved ones enjoys music immensely or uses their cell phone for music quite often, why not buy them a speaker or quality headphones? These days, you can choose from waterproof speakers, touch speakers, bass speakers, wireless or noise-cancellation headphones, and much more. Speakers and headphones will be the perfect gift for your music-loving friend or family member.


3. Makeup for Her

If you are looking for the ideal present for ‘her’, and you know she is fond of cosmetics, makeup is a fantastic option. You can find makeup in a very wide price range and take a look at what she uses and head to the makeup store! If you are confused, there are always people to help you out. For makeup lovers, this present will be adored and you will surely make her happy.


4. Whiskey Decanter Set for Him

If you are looking for the perfect present for ‘him’, and you know he’s a whiskey fan, why not give him a whiskey decanter set? This way, he can store his whiskey and use the appropriate glasses to drink it. Plus, it looks neat!


5. Touchscreen Gloves

It can get quite annoying when you have to keep taking your gloves off to type a message on your touchscreen phone in the cold. Touchscreen gloves are a lovely idea for a Christmas present especially because they are so convenient and useful.


6. Homemade Chocolate, Cake, or Brownies

If you are a talented baker, show off your skills by preparing a delicious Christmas cake, brownie, or some chocolates for your loved ones. Use ingredients that you know they like to differentiate their presents. This is the perfect idea for a low-cost but yet heartfelt Christmas present.


7. Good Old Christmas Card with a Twist

If your budget is tight and you still want your beloved others to be happy, why not be creative and make a lovely card with a meaningful message? This gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you like. You could add some coupons like breakfast in bed or a massage after a long day. Don’t forget to add some humour so everyone can have a good laugh.



8. DIY Christmas Decorations

Here is another opportunity to ignite the creative side in you and gift people beautiful handmade Christmas decorations. You can use glitter, marble paper, cellophane, sequins, and coloured cardboard paper to creative cute little decorations that will melt the hearts of your loved ones. For a nice look, you can also create a cute little box to put the decorations in to.


9. Customised Socks

Winter is here and we’re always wearing socks. So why not customise socks according to the taste of our loved ones? Whether you put your own face on them or anything they like, customised socks are a lovely idea for Christmas presents under £20. Moreover, everyone wears socks, so they will surely use them.


10. Cookware, Bakeware or Recipe Book

Quality cookware and bakeware will always be deeply appreciated by the chefs in your family. Or if they already have all the tools that they need, maybe you can provide them with a bit of extra inspiration by getting them a cookbook. You can base it on a cuisine from a region they’ve travelled to in the past and really enjoyed or would like to travel to in the future.


If you still haven’t found what to get your loved ones free to explore more Christmas present ideas.

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