Feb 23

Building Team Gusto!


This stormy weather hitting the UK at the moment dampens the hardiest of spirits.  Christmas is a distant memory and yet, we are still experiencing a slow start to business energy. So what can you do to kick-start your team’s gusto into gear and head into 2014 with a new pulse on your business?  We’re not talking about training, but an environment that breeds development, diversity and blue-sky (yes, even under a grey one).

Have you thought about getting everyone out of the office, testing their motivation levels and inspiring them to enjoy ‘serious business’ for the rest of the year?  Yeah, your leadership team may be used to going to a local hotel but the board room looks the same and feels the same as your own…… you need that something extra – fresh air, a new perspective and yet, a place for some hearty exchange of ideas.  We’ve got just the place for that – every one of our venues in the Peak District is geared to optimise team experience – from the location to the food and group areas – the air will hum with the buzz of creativity and team sharing.

Do something different this year and remember – participate in your experience and experience your participation.

We’re sure you’ll be back again and again.

See  you soon

Party Houses Team