Bank Holiday Weekend Inspiration in 2019

Christopher | Mar 04 2019

The spring is ‘springing’ on us faster than we thought. (Not that we’re complaining.) But as the jackets come off and the sunglasses come on, we are scrambling to make plans for the upcoming bank holiday weekend. Don’t worry just yet, there is still plenty of time left to plan. If you are still looking for some inspiration or haven’t even realised the holidays were upon us, we’ve gathered a list of bank holiday ideas in 2019 just for you to help you plan those upcoming free days.


✈️ Welcome to flight M-E-2-0-1-9


With new budget airlines popping up throughout the globe, the competition for attracting customers is higher which means, the prices of airfare are getting lower. (Lucky us ?) You’ve been dreaming about that sunny beachside villa on the coast of Spain for far too long. Now is the time to make the dream a reality this bank holiday weekend. Keep an eye out for special deals on budget airlines like Ryan Air, Vueling, and Easyjet. We thought we’d take a quick gander at some round trip tickets May 4 – 6, from STN to BCN and found flights as little as £62! Well, now it looks like you’ve got extra room in your budget for even more sangria & paella.


Bonus tip:

Airlines don’t want you to know this secret, but we’re going to tell you anyways. The price of flight tickets is always cheapest on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. So, if your schedule allows it, try to book your flight back home on that Tuesday morning before work. You can also download airfare apps such as Hopper or Skyscanner to help you find the best deals. Simply create an alert for your destinations they will let you know when airfare rates have changed and even predict when is the best time to book.


Bank Holiday #Staycation


Some of us might not be able to take that getaway trip to the Maldives – but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a relaxing holiday. Treat yourself to a lovely ‘staycation’. In essence, a Staycation is a combination of vacationing and staying at home but don’t think of this as just some ‘time off’. A staycation is all about maximizing your available time right in the comfort of your own home. Use this opportunity (not to do more chores and tasks) but to indulge in the things you really love and want to do. Give yourself a little TLC, find a spa resort nearby to unwind in, soak in a warm bath and open a nice book. How about taking those painting classes you’ve been wanting to try? Reflect on the things you really enjoy and give yourself the holiday you deserve.


?? There’s no place like home


Don’t forget about the beauty of your home. Well, we don’t mean your actual home (that’s a staycation.  See above ↑ .) in this case, we mean your home country. The UK has an abundance of beautiful and exciting places to explore and many within driving distance. What we love is the opportunity to get a taste of a new city and get to immerse yourself into beautiful landscapes. Here are some of our favourite sights for nature lovers and metropolitan hubs for our city slickers perfect for exploring during Easter or May bank holiday weekend 2019.


 ? UK Nature



In the south of the UK, lies a rural region filled with rolling hills and medieval villages. Take a walk through time and discover Roman baths, hidden castles, and secret gardens during your spring bank holiday. Just outside of Bristol and only a 1.5-hour drive from Birmingham the Cotswolds is filled with charm and surprises. Gather your friends and family and spend a few nights in a countryside home. We suggest a 2-night stay at the rustic Ivystone HouseThis well-preserved home reminds you every morning of the charm of the Cotswolds.


Peak District

We like to say that the Peak District is the heart of the UK – maybe because it holds such a rich history, was the UK’s first national park, or simply because it’s right in the centre. While the Peak District also holds spectacular mountain views and breathtaking valleys what we really love about this area are all the fun activities available. Everything from rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking, and target sports can be found within the area. We love the location Roaches Hall since most activities are within a short driving distance. For those who want to bring the activities home, take a look a Kington Lodge. With a private outdoor pool, an indoor squash court and a huge yard area you’ll feel right at home.  



No, that’s actually not the Mediterranean. But with a name like ‘The Jurrasic Coast,’ it sure does sound like an exotic location. On the southern tip of the UK, Dorset is famous for its miles of colorful coastlines and intricate rock formations, also known as the Jurrasic Coast. This is a perfect location for you to spend time by the sea and soak up the salty air and sunshine. This region has plenty of beautiful seaside views as well as more inland natural parks. Browse through their website for even more family fun bank holiday ideas. If you’re looking to stay nearby, take a look at Woodside Barn for 10 – 14 guests.


?️ UK Cities



Call us cliche, but we can’t resist putting London on the list. London is a timeless, lively city filled with art, culture, and history that we simply can’t resist. What makes this cosmopolitan city so special are the seemingly endless amount of things to do with something for everyone. We love checking out TimeOut London for updates of events and activities happening around the city. No matter what your interest or energy you’ll find a place where you feel you belong. From the posh pavements of Kensington to the grungy streets of Shoreditch, London is truly a place like no other. If you’d also love to host a BBQ with your family and friends this bank holiday weekend in central London, Canary Yacht is a great idea for a fresh, out-of-the-box venue.



Quaint but colourful, this hilly Scottish capital is filled with fun. Edinburgh is home to entertainment, history and plenty of fun pubs to chose from. We love the energy and spirit the city is bursting with. There is something quite unique and special about this city, and it might be the cities castle on the hill. (*cue Ed Sheeran*) This city is a great place to connect with friends and spend valuable time together. Why not plan your bank holiday here with the gals & pals? Book a great central accommodation with plenty of space for everyone. Discover the bars and restaurants just across the street and dance the night away.


No matter what you choose to do during your holidays, here are Party Houses we are wishing plenty of good memories, lots of smiles and plenty of magical moments.  


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