4 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Christopher | Feb 14 2019

This iconic day filled with roses, chocolates, candles, and candies can leave some feeling hopelessly romantic, head over heels, or maybe just a little bitter. Valentine’s day is an occasion to embrace love for everyone and there are always different ways to express that love! For those of you who don’t have any romantic plans or want to simply try something different, here are 4 alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s day.

1. Be your own Valentine

No matter what your relationship status is, it’s important to love yourself first. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to a bit of self-love and self-care. Take time to do activities you truly enjoy or simply take the day to relax and unwind. Maybe hop in bed, watch some Netflix, go to the gym, put on a facemask, and buy yourself something nice?  Need a little bit more motivation? Watch a few of these Ted Talks on the importance of self-care. Some of our favorite ways to practice self-care are: trying out new healthy recipes, doing activities that truly make you smile, taking out time to breathe and meditate, creating a list of personal goals or simply indulging yourself.


2.  Show love to the planet

Show the planet you care! Use this day to give back to ol’ mother nature and show her some love. Rather than buying plants and flowers from the store (for them to simply wilt in the following days) take this opportunity to plant new life. Head to your local garden and grow something beautiful or introduce a lovely arrangement into your home.  To get a bit more inspired, take a walk in nature, watch a few documentaries and (literally) go out and smell the roses. Use this day to appreciate the beauty in nature and let it be a fuel for you to show more love to the planet.

3. Reach out and catch up

As life moves on sometimes good friendships can slowly drift away. This Valentine’s day, reach out to an old pal and rekindle your friendship. Invite them for a little gettogether, reminiscing on your memories and fill in the spaces between the time spent apart. Make the day about them and ask lots of questions. You want your friends to know you truly value them! Remind yourself and others what your friendship really means to you. The love for your friends will always be there and it’s important to nurture and care for them just as you would in any relationship (or with any plant- see above). Don’t be afraid to extend out your hand and reconnect!


4. Celebrate with a group

Who says Valentine’s day has is limited to celebrating with one person? Show your affection and appreciation to everybody! Plan a fun event with your closest friends and family to surround yourself with people you love. Host a dinner party, plan a fun activity, create a day of games or spend the day chatting and relaxing. Why not plan a ‘Galentines Day’ party with the girls? Maybe you need to embrace the ‘bromance’ between lads? Get together with your friends to create a day of fun and love. Next year, book an intimate and cosy venue to spend the holiday in a big way. 

No matter what your plans are this holiday, here at Party Houses were wishing you lots of love and chocolates. Cheers!


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